Security Services

Network Security

Network Security

When looking at network security, we’re sure “good enough” isn’t going to cut it for your company. You can actually outsource your network and system security to us, and get the same level of service that the world’s biggest brands and companies receive. However, instead of paying thousands of dollars for a fleet of IT workers, you can actually save money on your current IT budget.


• Proactive network monitoring and management
• Patch management and service pack installation
• Spyware/Trojan/Virus detection and removal
• Virus outbreak control
• Daily safety checks
• Backup management



Technometics takes pride in delivering completely integrated and non-proprietary security solutions for our clients. We specialize in the design, supply and integration of electronic security solutions to the Retail, Financial, Industrial, Government, Commercial, Construction and Residential markets. We offer integration of your security systems, including IP security cameras and closed circuit television (CCTV) with your IT infrastructure. Integration gives you enterprise-wide solutions to span local area networks (LAN) and wide area networks (WAN) systems to offer a truly global level of protection.

Access control system

Access Control Systems

Access control provides the authority and intelligence you need to maintain complete security across the full span of your operation’s critical facilities – from single door sites to multiple entry locations across the country. In addition, the right system can also help ensure regulatory compliance, asset protection, and deliver a healthy ROI. As a business owner or property manager, you understand the imperative nature of having efficient, dynamic security measures put into place for all factors of your business. With the proliferation and sophistication of modern hackers, network security has become a top priority for many businesses. However, facility security is just as important to the livelihood of your business and should be considered just as seriously as network security. Technometics can provide you complete access control system design, expert installation, and round-the-clock monitoring. We offer swift response times, comprehensive maintenance contracts, a secure inventory of spare cards for next day delivery, repair parts, and effective service levels. Our solutions include network based access control, professional card access control systems, biometric and Face recognition access control systems.

Data Security

Data Security

One of the biggest challenges facing IT today is incorporating reliable and effective data security services, along with the right expertise to ensure end-to-end security. These challenges also include finding the right balance in authorizing user access while ensuring no irrelevant information is made visible. Information leakage just cannot be afforded under any circumstances and data security solutions need to be on-point in ensuring this doesn’t happen. With Technometics, data integrity comes to the forefront, ensuring the right data security services are deployed and vital information is not compromised for the sake of convenience in user access. Our data security solutions help create a roadmap for enterprises, offering various engagement models that optimally used solutions to achieve maximum protection against data breaches. Our data security solutions are flexible enough to accommodate different sizes of IT infrastructures and business demands.


Backup Solutions

Technometics Online Backup Service provides a secure, internet based backup and DR solution to its clients. Our fully managed, monitored and secure online backup service saves you time, reduces administration and ensures total peace of mind that critical company data is safe and securely backed up.


Peace of Mind; A complete backup of all your data and files is carried out on a scheduled basis without user intervention.

DR Planning; Your company data is securely stored at an offsite location as part of a DR plan.

Data Security; All your company data is encrypted to ensure absolute client confidentiality and data integrity.

Fast Restore; You can quickly and easily restore key files when needed.

Reduced Costs; You save time and money on management, manual intervention, hardware costs, software upgrades and media